Terms and Conditions

It is really great to see your interest in sharing your feelings with the world through this platform. We respect your emotions and therefore we have come up with very simple terms and conditions you must follow before submitting anything:

  1. The website is free source to share your feelings in a simple way. If you are getting something off your heart or dedicating few lines to your loved ones, it must be original. Write what you feel!
  2. We respect your feelings, so you also respect the motto of the website. Strict no to spam users.
  3. We request you to post what you feel in a decent way avoiding sexual content.
  4. This is not a paid service so you will not be paid for anything you share.
  5. Wings of Expression is entirely meant to be a ground for everyone's thoughts. Write, share, comment, improve.
  6. This is not a writing competition but it is a way to make you feel happy. 
  7. Once you submit your expression, we will review it and then only it will come online. Everyone can comment on your post and share a feedback with you.
  8. If you want to dedicate your lines in an amazing way to someone, then in the description box, enter the person's name and email id. Also, atleast there must be one tag in your writing post as 'dedication'. 
  9. There is copyright only on my writings but there will be no authorization of Wings of Expression on your writings. So, don't fear, every content posted by you will be yours only. 
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