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In life, there comes a time when we fall short of words, we're speechless or want to say many things but cannot express. This is for all such people who find it difficult to express their emotions verbally. Wings of Expression is a fantastic place for you to convey the message to your loved ones. Freely dedicate your feelings to your family members, friends, beloveds and for everyone you care or anything you feel like sharing.

Wondering about the rules ? Check out the terms and conditions before submitting anything.

Wondering why? Reason is simple - our feelings needs to be told. If they are expressed too much then it is a problem and if it is done less then it is a major problem. Make your loved ones feel special.

Wondering How? Just login and click on Submit Expression  and fill the form and save. Expression will review your life story and if everything goes well we will put it online on the website. You can also dedicate few lines to your loved ones on any special occasion or just write what you feel on anything. And then, bingo! view your expression online and share it to your loved ones. Wonderful isn't it?

Just Express Yourself! And see the difference how fabulous you will feel
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