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Music Thursday, 28 July 2016 16:22
Musical words Musical words

Crankiest Loudest Scream of Passion Puts Down the whole Stadium of the Lazy Thoughts Lightening up the Lights and turning on the treble of Your Mind.

Standing Still in the middle of the stadium watching over all you people , my veins feels the heating pressure of my nervous heart.

Raising my hands to the top saluting the crowd I hide the shivering of my hands with a smile on my face..

Preparing my voice, clearing the clouds of shouting mists in my head and cooling my veins with the Smiling expectations, 

Rolling down the cassettes and shouting for the start, i hold on the mike to start and the fill the stadium with the music of my words...

Tapping feet and singing lips covers the whole stage attaining a musical move, compelling the crowd to sing along with me ,

if you really want more ,then scream a little louder and move your bodies a little more harder...

Energy flows in me like a dynamite with every tiny twerk of you all exploding the sparks of every trebled strings ...

Gamble more with a hoosh hoosh tone, Gamble more with the toxicity of Your Sweat. Want some more, then push some harder for the explosion..

Its getting late , Sing a line of your favorite song soon and let it play with your drifting mind tunes..

Tonight be the captain of your thoughts, get it up ,get it up and let your body move higher..

Winding up my crankier musical show, I Slowly put the mike down with a snooshing Smudge of Goodbye ...


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