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Music Thursday, 28 July 2016 09:00

My persuasion for learning guitar indulged a new exciting aspiration in your Heart,
Sinking me in the musical world of the strings of your guitar though I am apart.

Still I can see your smile crowned with a guitar in your hands, 

Your swiftly moving fingers on those lovely strings and your moving lips singing a song with my name in your heart.

Your musical thoughts are creating scintillation in my Soul,
Taking me to a deep thought of yours Whole.

I wish I was there beside you tapping my feet on those incompleted Tunes,
Enjoying and sharing every little rhythm piling on your musical Dunes.

All I can do is just wait for that day when you will play with those magical strings only for me and only with me…
When we will spread those tiny little musical notes in the air and then take a shower of the words musically spoken by your guitar,
And when you will make me sit on your lap with your guitar in my hands and move my fingers softly over the strings producing a beautiful tune of our love sinking me again in musical world of the strings of guitar …

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