Love Drink

Love Monday, 20 June 2016 09:34

Let me take you to a small journey of love… Sitting on a sofa sipping coffee in a smiley mug gifted by her love, girl was mesmerizing their moments with each and every sip of love. The moments of closeness, the moments of share and

the moments of togetherness , the moments of “Dominos”…A simple coffee turned into a love drink for the girl blushing with each thought waving in her mind.

Her eyes were sparkling with her love’s stars 

Her smile was dazzling with every thought and

Her cheeks were blushing with the butterflies of his touch…

With the last sip of her love drink , the girl realized that all she had was a “Simple Coffee”. Blushing with this thought of her small journey of love she kept the coffee mug and smiling she goes onto some other work… 

This is the magic of love that can turn a coffee into a love drink. So, go tonight and have your love drink and experience the beauty of this small journey of love. 


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